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Genealogy and searching Family history is now very popular in Finland. I have also tried to search my roots by asking from my Father and Mother and also from the New web services http://www.genealogia.fi and http://www.familysearch.org

Some of my Family members have done really a huge work and made a family tree where my Mother and my Grandmother are mentioned. Look at page:

http://www.ilomantsinmattiset.net/Sukukirja/Timofej/IXTimofej.htm , main page of Mattinen Family: http://www.ilomantsinmattiset.net .

On that page, written in Finnish, we can read:

b Hilda * 13.5.1909 (=My Grandmother Hilda Volotinen originally Lauronen)
aviomies Heikki Kalevi Nissinen joka oli ammatiltaan "Nikkari" (teki astioita), kuoli hammassärkyyn vuonna 1933?. (=her husband)
Toinen aviomies Jussi (Johannes) Volotinen *16.12.1891 Hömötissä Lisää (Here you can see photo of my Grandmother and her 2nd husband)
Lapset: sukunimi Nissinen
b1 Martta *15.7.1931 (My Mother Martta Timoskainen)
Rääkkylä Timoskaisen valinta Lisää (Here you can see the photo of my Mother as a young girl)
b2 Kalevi (My mother's brother died for many years ago)
Lapset: sukunimi Volotinen
b3 Toivo Johannes *7.5.1940
(On that page we can read also that Helmi Orni moved in 1947 to the U.S.A.)

e Helmi *7.5.1915
mies Lappajärvelt\ä Kivimäki,
muuttivat Amerikkaan vuonna 1947 Lisää

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Kai Timoskainen Dec 10th 2007

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